Contemporary Design, 45 Years In The Making

Adam Glant grew up spending summers in the foothills of the Italian Alps, surrounded in his family’s Bergamo home by sumptuous fabrics and textures, the result of a multigenerational business endeavor in the luxury textile industry.

One of his early memories in Italy was learning how to ride a bike around a nearby textile mill—a mill that would later become a part of his own family legacy. The mill, operating since the 1950s, had established a reputation for its artisan constructions and unique colorations, earning a permanent place in the Italian design scene. Over time and summers in Bergamo, Adam’s father, founder of Glant Textiles, began managing aspects of the mill, and later formally purchased it after its owners passed away, with an intention to carry on the tradition.

From a young age, Adam was imbued with a deep understanding of refined fabrics, intricate tapestries, and weaves distinguished by cutting-edge colors. He remembers a time when his family bought a bushel of tomatoes, cutting them in half and rushing to the dyers to match them to the precise color of the yarn for the loom.

Adam Glant
Bergamo Mill Thread

It was this passion for refinement and style that drew Adam to leave a career in international corporate law to work alongside his father as President and co-design lead of Glant Textiles. Now eight years a formal partner, he is beginning a new endeavor, bringing his design vision to the world through the Adam Glant brand, a division of Glant Textiles. Born of Adam’s desire to create stylish pieces that reflect his family heritage, the Adam Glant brand features classic and limited-edition designs defined by the exquisite textiles and fabrics of his family’s Bergamo mill.

His first piece, the Milano, was Adam’s response to his own search for an everyday companion bag. Frustrated by the lack of quality and sophistication in the market, Adam set out to design his own. The Milano features hand-selected, textural fabrics and Italian leather, a timeless construction, two years in the making. Adam designed every aspect of the Milano: from the custom shape to the individualized hardware and unisex form.

Like the Milano, every Adam Glant piece is constructed by hand in the United States, harnessing the discerning fabrics and limited-edition colorations that only the Glant family has at hand. Designed to prioritize form and function, Adam Glant communicates quality and craftsmanship infused with contemporary ideas. A vision that takes timelessness into an entirely new realm.

Bergamo Mill Worker

“We Design Our Fabrics As If They Are Their Own Pieces Of Art. You Can See The Intricacy And The Craftsmanship In Each One.”